People from all corners of the world are attracted not only by the majestic old monuments but also by the natural beauties which surround them. They are amazed by the variety of modern life rich in contrasts and surprised how  the old world is linked  to the new one, the traditions to modern cosmopolitan spirit.
Athens, the capital of Greece with the Acropolis, the Parthenon, symbol "of the golden century ", Plaka the old city, museums, Byzantine churches, the hill of Lycabettus. Sounion, on the southern point of Attica, the temple of Poseidon. The monastery of Kaisariani, at the foot of the Ymitos mountains, the monastery of Dafni, Byzantine structures, Piraeus the largest port of Greece


A land of contrasts. Orchards extend to the golden beaches, steep rocks, high mountains with dark ravines, are the the other face of the Peloponnese with the prints of 4000 years of history.

Corinth, on the Canal at the entrance to the Peloponnese, Nafplio, charming city at the sea with Palamidi , the Venetian fortress and Bourtzi island. Mycenae, the "Lion Gate" symbol of the powerful kings of Mycenae "rich in gold", Agamemnon.

Epidaurus, a place for worship of Asclepios god. The theatre with its unique acoustics.Olympia, place chosen by the ancient Greeks to celebrate the Olympic Games, the temple of Zeus, Kalamata at the gulf of Messinia, broad beaches covered with very white pebbles.

Sparta is an area known for its olive-trees, the city is hidden in fields of orange trees. Nearby Mystra- the Byzantine austere historical site. Monemvassia is quieter than its glorious past, a wild rock in the sea, witness of its medieval history, built as amphitheatre style. Gythion has the charm of a coastal city. The cave of Diros, with its marvellous stalactites and stalagmites.




Body and heart of Greece, which extends between the mountain chains of Pindos and the Aegean Sea. Steep coasts, one bay after the other, rivers. Delphi, "the omfalos of the world ", the archaeological museum with priceless treasures
At the foot of the mountain Parnassos, there is the artisan village Arahova. Osios Loukas, one of the most important monasteries of the Byzantine period,
Meteora, rocks crowned with monasteries, a miracle between earth and sky!


The proud Macedonia extends in the north to Thessaly and in the west to Epirus. High mountains, lakes, rivers, interminable coasts steep and undiscovered. The history of Philip II who managed to unite all the Greeks and his son Alexander the Great who cbrought the Greeks to Egypt and to Asia. Thessaloniki, the capital of Macedonia, modern city with a rich historical past.
Chalkidiki, the green mountainous landscapes, amazing coasts and sandy beaches.

Its coasts are bathed by the waves of the Ionian sea. Rocks in the sea, immense sandy beaches, impetuous rivers running in the shade of ancient plane trees.
Parga, pretty village with houses in  neoclassical style, natural beauties, marvellous beaches.
with its local colours and its jewel - the lake.



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