Island hopping

Your tour brings you to Crete, the Aegean sea, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Ionian islands.


This island is like a continent and the largest of the Greek world. There was born and developed a refined civilization which illuminated Greece and its islands to which the site of Knossos and the fabulous treasures of the museum of Heraklion still testify. The Cretan landscape, wild mountains, peaceful gulfs, fertile soils. And history is always present. All astonishes, surprises and enchants here

The islands are laid out like a ring around Delos, the island of Apollo, they are like jewels, villages with lanes shining of whiteness, ports bordered by taverns, tiny monasteries. You will be sure to find the island of your dreams at the end of the voyage.


Bathing in sun and light, windmills in the winds from the north. Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan summer resorts.

Largest and most fertile of the Cyclades. Naxos is very beautiful with its vast beaches, its large port and its capital in the shape of a cone dominated by its Venetian castle.

It is a typical island of the Cyclades with narrow lanes, often deserted , white houses, small churches among the windmills.


There is no island comparable with Santorini "prehistoric Pompei", Fira, the capital, built at the top of wild cliffs, imposes with its picturesque narrow streets and its medieval district.


The proud patricians residences, the marble decorated squares of the capital, Ermoupolis, testify to its past size. Picturesque Ano Syros is strongly medieval.
The island of Eubée (Evia) is the largest of the Greek islands after Crete. It was formerly named Négroponte by the Venetian ones. The characteristic of the gulf of Eubée is that the power there is 12 km/hour and changes direction approximately 6 to 7 times per day.

North Aegean Islands

The beautiful and rich islands of the Eastern part of the Aegean Sea have each one, in spite of their historical resemblance, their individual character and their source of richness is the discovery of a green paradise. Skiathos, beach bordered of pine forests, Samos glaze of forests, furrowed river, fine sand beaches. Lesbos, so called Mytilini, mountainous and green, many beaches of fine sand.

A quiet island with picturesque bays, Myrina the capital, with paved lanes, broadsides of houses with wooden balconies, is built by the edge of the sea, dominated by a Venetian fortress. Variety of landscapes, soft hills, peaceful valleys, deep gulfs and sandy beaches.

The island which saw being born the great poetess from Antiquity, Sappho, hides in each one of its corners incomparable beauties, drowned fields of olive-trees, interminable beaches, picturesque villages, the petrified forest of Sigri.

The former poets called it "the island of happiness". Its landscape is composed by the green silver colors of the olive-trees, the dark spots of cypress, the whiteness of the rocks and the black features of the small valleys.

The fatherland of Homeros. Medieval villages; with the old patricians residences, small houses in different colors, very picturesque. All around the island, many beaches of sand and rollers, the fishermen’s villages, deep valleys with abundant vegetation, orchards.
In all the island, there are many artistic and folk events. The local specialty is the resin which one consumes like drinks, or in confectioneries or inchewing-gum.


The beautiful and rich islands of the Eastern part of the Aegean Sea have each one, in spite of their historical resemblance, their individual character and their own source of richness. It is the discovery of the green paradise. Skyathos, Samos- beaches bordered of pine forests, glaze of forests, furrowed river, fine sand beaches. Lesbos, so called Mytilene, mountainous and green, many beaches of fine sand.

The island of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. An immense emerged floating park of the blue floods of the Aegean Sea. The medieval castles, the tempting villages at the seaside, the beautiful beaches make Kos a calm island for resting holidays

An incredibly beautiful island. While entering its port, one meet a city which formerly drew up the famous Colossus of Rhodes. The old town is harmonized with the new one, the castle of the Knights of Saint Jean, the old city, the modern city with its broad avenues, the beautiful well arranged beaches.


The Ioanians

The islands of the sea Ionian sea are mountainous, small with fertile soil, the coasts are very cut out, the landscapes are varied, the Venetian influence with marked architecture. It is the softness which best characterizes this string of islands which marks out the West coast of Greece. Lefkada, Cephalonie, Zante, Corfou mountainous islands with the covered slopes of pines, olive-trees, harmonious Greece

The Venetians called it "Flower of Raising" the peaceful aspect of the landscape influenced the character of its inhabitants, the song and the music are their companions. The charming villages were blooming in the hills, the beaches of sand are marvelous.

An island which the amateurs of exploration will like. The Argostoli capital is built at the bottom of roads, a pleasant city with its broad streets, its beaches of sand and its charming villages are waiting to be discovered.

The hero of Homeros was a native of Ithaqe. The Odysseus did not hesitate has to face thousand dangers and temptations to find the softness of his native land. It is this softness that characterize the string of islands which marks out the West coast of Greece.

A beautiful green island located at end of the Ionian sea. The capital of the island, Kerkyra, does not miss charm, the sweet valleys, the houses with arcades, the Byzantine churches, the Venetian forts. The green of the vegetation is combined with blue sea, the island has remained faithful to its traditions and habits.

The capital, Lefkada is built at the bottom of natural roads. The island is mountainous where beautiful villages nest and the valleys got very fertile soil. The nature is green, the quiet coasts and the beautiful beaches are inviting for a swim. One can discover all the island- all around by boat.. The island is very close to the continent that it resembles a peninsula.


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